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Foil Business Cards

Foil Business Cards

Foil business cards are a favourite amongst our valued customers. Foil conveys a sense of prestige and luxury; it sends a message of sophistication to your clients. Metallic foil is transferred through heat on to the surface of the stock; this makes the area shiny with a brilliant metallic hue.

Available in various finishes such as gold, silver or bronze printing. Coloured foil printing in shades like red or black look great too. With its raised like texture, the foiled printing process emphasizes the lustrous characteristic of the finish to the viewer. Have a look at the business card images on this page to see the possibilities.

Fast Printing Tip

Sizes and shapes for these types of cards are aplenty. Standard rectangle or square shapes, rounded edges or why not try a particular image or icon that relates to your brand.

Foil finish is not restricted to combining with other finishes. Multiple foil finish is possible in one card, as well as combined finishes such as Foil with Embossed finish, Foil with SPOT UV finish, Foil with Letterpress finish and so on.

Further to create more unique design, 3D Foil finish is also possible with the special production process.




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    Foil Business Cards


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      • This order is for one design printing only. If you have multiple artworks for printing, please request for a custom quote. Click Here
      • Stickers will be supplied individually ( one sticker on one sheet ). If you need stickers on rolls, please get custom quote. Click Here
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      • Gold
      • Royal Gold
        Royal Gold
      • Matt Gold
        Matt Gold
      • Matt Royal Gold
        Matt Royal Gold
      • Rose Gold
        Rose Gold
      • Copper
      • Pale Bronze
        Pale Bronze
      • Gunmetal
      • Silver
      • Matt Silver
        Matt Silver
      • Black
      • White
      • Clear
      • Red
      • Pink
      • Pale Pink
        Pale Pink
      • Yellow
      • Orange
      • Purple
      • Navy Blue
        Navy Blue
      • Turquoise
      • Emerald
      • Green
      • Pale Green
        Pale Green
      • Hologram
      • Pearl
      • Gold Glitter
        Gold Glitter
      • Silver Glitter
        Silver Glitter



      COLOUR PAPER <span>White canvas is not the only one</span>
      COLOUR PAPER White canvas is not the only one
      Various coloured stocks are available with us. Solely by itself, or with a combination of other papers, the colour paper will create something very trendy. Read more
      LASER CUTTING & MARKING <span>Need special and Special!</span>
      LASER CUTTING & MARKING Need special and Special!
      Looking for challenges? Laser cutting and Laser Marking will bring one of the most unique product for you. Read more
      RAISED <span>Not just the touch but the looks as well?</span>
      RAISED Not just the touch but the looks as well?
      With the clear epoxy carefully placed on the card, raised finish give you both the touch of the finish and glossy appealing look. Read more
      SCODIX <span>Raised or Foiled? No, you would want both! </span>
      SCODIX Raised or Foiled? No, you would want both!
      Not enough with just foil finish? Clear epoxy on the foil finish is the best way to craft both the foil and three dimensional finish for your card. Read more
      EDGE COLOUR <span>Need something exceptionally outstanding?</span>
      EDGE COLOUR Need something exceptionally outstanding?
      Adding edge colouring onto your cards expresses the most eye catching finishes. With your own selection of colours for the edge colouring, you will encounter exceptional looking product. Read more
      LETERPRESS <span>Looking for trendy yet classic look?</span>
      LETERPRESS Looking for trendy yet classic look?
      With its beautifully colour pressed finish onto extravagant cotton paper, Letterpress finish will express highest quality product you have ever seen. Read more


      Fast Printing is New Zealand’s trusted source for foil business card printing services. As well as our reputation for producing high-end, excellently finished printed assets, we work directly with clients to offer bespoke solutions that meet your exact specifications and are delivered promptly.

      Whether you want to put your best foot forward with a simple yet impactful foil business card, create a modern impression with a bold die-cut shape and laser-cut details, or evoke a classic and timeless feel with a soft foil finish, our team can help you create the perfect look to match your brand.

      From a subtle burnish to an eye-catching iridescent holographic hue and everything in between, our foil colour options will no doubt work with your brand. We offer foil finishes in:

      • Gold
      • Royal gold
      • Rose gold
      • Copper
      • Pale bronze
      • Matte gold
      • Matte royal gold
      • Matte rose gold
      • Matte copper
      • Matte pale bronze
      • Silver
      • Matte silver
      • Gunmetal
      • Black
      • White
      • Clear
      • Red
      • Pink
      • Pale pink
      • Yellow
      • Orange
      • Purple
      • Navy blue
      • Turquoise
      • Emerald
      • Green
      • Pale green
      • Hologram
      • Gold glitter
      • Silver glitter

      Looking for another colour? Get in touch, and our team can discuss what other options are available.

      Once you’ve selected your foil, choose from a variety of materials to best show off your foil finish, including:

      • Textured premium card
      • Uncoated cotton
      • Textured cotton
      • Kraft and vintage unbleached
      • Black card stock
      • Grey card stock
      • Navy and blue card stock
      • Other colour card stock in 120gsm, 180gsm, 300gsm and 450gsm options
      • Duplex
      • Triplex Milanso
      • Artboard
      • Plastic
      • Pearl

      We understand your business can’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to either. At Fast Printing, we strive always to exceed your expectations regarding turnaround and delivery. Generally, we’ll respond to your quote within just 24 hours. Your dedicated account manager will be able to give you a detailed timeline for your print job after we receive your final approval on the design. After your print run is complete, we use express delivery services to courier your finished custom foil business cards directly to you. Our delivery is between one to two working days for most metro areas and three to five working days for remote and rural addresses.

      If you received a quote with a promotional pricing offer, you have 14 days to accept your quote and begin printing. For all other standard quotes, we offer a 30-day period in which you can accept your quote. Not sure which type of quote you received? Check out our FAQs for more information.

      Because we offer our clients a fully bespoke printing service, we cannot produce free samples. If you want to see one of our finishes or material’s impact in 3D, our sample packs are available online. These packs give you a great demonstration of what’s possible with our printing techniques and foil finishes. You can also check out our gallery to see more examples of previous work and get inspired.

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